About Caelan

I knew that I wanted to be a writer when I was in sixth grade. It all started with a homework assignment in which we were instructed to write about a wolf. While most of the class wrote only a few sentences, I surprised myself by coming up with a full-length short story about a wolf separated from his family and his journey to find them. Through the many different themes we were given in class, I discovered that I had a passion and a knack for storytelling.

When I was a teenager, writing took on a more meaningful role in my life: it helped me cope with living in a toxic, abusive home. The feelings I couldn’t safely and openly express at home found their way out through creative writing. I wrote constantly.

Because of my life experiences, I often write about characters who are facing adversity. I hope that through my stories, readers will find the strength, hope, and inspiration to keep going, no matter what obstacles they’re facing.